Evaluation of Thermal Properties of a Plastic Gears Composed of Sugar Bagasse Reinforced with Polyester/ Graphene Blends

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P. N. E. Naveen, B. Usha Rani , Borra Teja


Currently, bagasse sugarcane, a waste product of the sugar industry, is mainly burned as fuel in sugar mill boilers. The low cost, low density and acceptable mechanical properties of bagasse fibre make it an ideal candidate to be considered for value-added applications such as reinforcement in plastic composites. In this by varying the composition of bagasse sugarcane with graphene as the filler material five specimens are prepared. The Structural deformation, bending stress and strain of gears with different materials are analyzed through ANSYS software. The heat flow rate on the surface of the gear tooth is analyzed with the help of CFD software under dry and wet run condition. The performance of the gears under various speeds and torques are observed in this work.

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