A Study on Tiny Workshops with Special Reference to Coimbatore City

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Dr. S. Renugadevi, Dr. M. Revathy, Mrs. P.Kalaiselvi, Mr. P. Ramakrishnan, Dr. M. Kowsalya


Tiny Workshops is a place for real designers, woodworkers, tinkerers, craftsmen/women, and creators from around the world to share the spaces where they get work done.. When India woke up from the shackles of slavery, it needs its own people to get ready with many talents to build the fort of economy. Evolution of tiny workshops was much needed for the nation. The growth of every single citizen is the growth of the nation. Talents bring opportunities, opportunities pave the way for the vision for the development. Such aspects have accomplishment when evolution of tiny workshops came into force.

Marketing is the one of the basic need of the Business in the current day. So the large scale industries and the corporate companies separate their budget for the advertising and marketing. By the way tiny workshops does not have budget for their marketing and advertising for the business. So it is essential for them to handle effective and low cost marketing or advertising method. As they are small scale /tiny organization they cannot afford more or expensive budgets they use tiny strategies and methods for marketing.


There are some factors that mainly affect the tiny workshops/workshops like shortage of funds, lack in technology, low skilled labors etc.  Hence, the researcher made an attempt to study on marketing strategies followed by tiny workshops with special reference to Coimbatore city. It is found that offering discounts and on time delivery will be the best marketing strategies followed by tiny industries in study area.


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