CRM Loyalty Programs

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Sudha Anand , R.Shanmugam, P.S.Rajeswari


AIM: The research paper is exploratory in nature in helps in understanding and revisiting the fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from literature reviews, definitions and models on CRM. Also the study attempts to assess the role of Loyalty Programs and how it helps in gaining customer loyalty and collecting customer data.


METHODOLOGY: The study is descriptive and qualitative in nature in clarifying the definitions and conceptual foundations of CRM. Secondary data on CRM are gathered, analysed and summarized.


OUTCOME: The Research study is informative and attempts to simplify the various classifications of CRM and its impact on society and business in general, the research expectation and output are indentifying the role CRM and its impact with use of loyalty programs. There is a tremendous surge of applications dedicated to CRM and its general usage in the business and service sectors and this information could be beneficial to anyone who is still unaware of the potential implications of automation and use of CRM systems and use loyalty programs to increase customer loyalty and awareness.


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