Artificial Intelligence Trending in e-HRM: Qualitative Study of Mega IT Indian Company

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Syed Rizwan Naqvi, Dr. Puja Sareen, Dr. Tanuja Sharma


Objectives: The study sought to explain how Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables e-HRM to upgrade "employee experience" to "human experience."

Methods:  The research methodology used in this study is the case-based analysis of Tech Mahindra using the adaptive structuration theory. The first phase of the research involved identifying the critical e-learning difficulties, while the second phase focused on finding solutions.

Results:     The study's findings show how artificial intelligence significantly affects electronic human resource management. Through pragmatic analysis, the study makes a distinctive contribution to the field of adaptive structuration theory for using artificial intelligence in e-HRM. The study provides top management, academics, and HR officials with essential insights to improve the efficacy of e-learning.

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