Self-Reflection and Insight and Its Relationship to Some Variable for University Students

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Dr. Nahla Najm Al-Din Mukhtar, Ola Natek Gassem


The current study focus to recognize the self-reflection and insight of the students of the University, and in order to verify this and after seeing many literature and previous Arab and foreign studies, a measure of self-reflection and insight was adopted for (Grant, 2002) which consists of (20) paragraphs and the researcher verified the standard characteristics of the scales of honesty and stability, and the tool was applied to a sample that reached (400) Students and students selected from four scientific colleges and four humanitarian colleges in the random manner for the academic year 2021-2022. The results of the study show the following:

1-Students of the university enjoy a high degree of self-reflection and insight. The results show that students of the university and of both scientific and humanitarian disciplines have a high degree of self-reflection and insight.

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