Role of Income in Exploratory Consumer Buying Behaviour for Shopping Goods

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Dr. Kiran Mor



The current research makes an endeavour to study the impact of different income groups on various exploratory tendencies of consumers namely innovativeness, repetitive behaviour proneness, risk taking, exploration through shopping, interpersonal communication, brand switching and information seeking in Indian context with special reference to shopping goods in National Capital of India- Delhi.


A total of 905 responses for clothes, 875 responses for watches, and 892 responses were received through questionnaire. Exploratory factor analysis was carried out through principal component analysis followed by confirmatory factor analysis to establish the validity of the measurement model.


The study revealed that information seeking is highest among the respondents in the lower income bracket of Less than 3 lakhs, 3-5 Lakhs and 5-9 lakhs for watches. Moreover, the study indicated that the respondents from the income group less than 3 lakhs are highest in interpersonal communication for mobiles.


No study has been conducted so far which takes into account the effect of demographic variable income on the entire range of exploratory tendencies for shopping goods in the Indian context with special reference to North India.

This study will be helpful to add to the value of understanding of buying behaviour in academic stream as well as to the marketers for creating their fortunes in the lower pyramid nations and enhance their corporate wealth.

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