Comparing Men's and Women's Decision-Making Styles: Insights for Marketers

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Dharani K , Rajeswari P S


Marketers typically use gender-based segmentation to appeal to men's and women's distinct needs and interests. Nonetheless, the role of gender in decision-making has received insufficient attention in the consumer behaviour literature. Consumer behaviour is highly dynamic and must be studied on a regular basis. Marketers must investigate consumer decision-making styles in the event of a pandemic. There has been very little research into the decision-making styles of Indian male and female consumers in particular. The convenience sampling technique was used to collect the data. This study's target respondents are members of Generation Y which does not include students. A total of 420 people participated in this study, 277 of whom were men and 143 of whom were women. Eight decision-making styles are investigated. The results turned out that men are enjoying their shopping more compared to women. Women are found to be more attracted by discounts and offers compared to the male respondents. Also women enjoy accessing new fashions and brands compared to men. Both men and women are alike in the aspects like quality, brand loyalty, confusion from choices and careless tendency. The study contributes to the consumer behaviour research clearly indicating that there are certain areas where gender based segmentation are highly required.

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