Doctrine Of ‘Reasonable Sovereignty’ In Special Reference with Russia And Ukraine Conflict

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Mohammad Yunnus, Dr. Amritpal Kaur, Dr. Somanchi Hari Krishna


The origin, historical development, concept and nature of sovereignty is questionable, impractical and unreasonable. The fastest growing global challenges and resources has influenced and changed the conventional, fictional, absolute concept of sovereignty. The nature of human being and the exclusive nature of state can never connect, allow or exercise the populist idea of absoluteness and sovereignty. For the own interest and natural demands the absolute sovereignty can never be worked in practice. International law formally, reasonably, and efficiently draw the final conclusion that absolute sovereignty does not work theoretically and practically in state and individual both. Concept of sovereignty has been misusing and misinterpreting in Russia and Ukraine conflict to legalize and recognize own faults and interest. Sovereignty should not be threat for others, not to be reckless horses. It has to be reasonable, regulated, and respectful to others. Sovereignty is not only individual state concept, it is collective and global concept, it should be justified. Sovereignty is principles, not rules; a moral than legal. There needs international legal framework to define and regulate ‘reasonable sovereignty’ that how far and in what cases or ways it can be exercised.

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