Study of the Factors Affecting the Quality of Management Education in India

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Ms. Taruna Maheshwari, Dr. Gagandeep Kaur Nagra, Dr. R Gopal


Education is the source through which the transformation of knowledge and learning takes place. It can lead to an improvement in your own life. Education and knowledge complement each other and are viewed as a perpetual learning process in life, which leads to people developing socially in such a way that they can write new pages of history through their applied knowledge potential. Aside from the individual benefits of education, it has positive effects, which is why the whole economy and society benefits from an increase in human capital through learning.In the current scenario, all activities have brought many dramatic changes along with the changing environment of economy, technological advancement and individual preferences/perceptions. This not only affects economic growth, but also affects all aspects of social and personal life. Our education system is not unaffected by these changes either, as we have seen in today's universities, which are changing from traditional education providers to professional education providers. Among the specialized courses, management education has a good reputation in society because management can be applied everywhere in daily life as well. Today every university and its affiliated colleges offer management education from the last 5 to 6 decades.This research is an attempt to examine the qualitative aspects of factors affecting management education in India. The categorization of the factors must be done taking into account the macro environment of the country, such as: B. Political Environment (P), Economic Environment (E), Social Environment (S), Technological Environment (T), Legal/Regulatory Environment (L), Geography Environment (G) and Academic Environment (A) (PESTL-GA) . Any system existing in the country is forced to survive under the influence of the macro environment. The importance of the macro environment cannot be overlooked, so I have tried to classify the factors considering the challenges of the macro environment. The aim of the research work is to examine and categorize the factors by considering their qualitative characteristics that influence the performance of management education in India.

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