Archimedes’ principle, articulation with steam and storytelling

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Dr. Fabiola Escobar Moreno, Dr. Mario Humberto Ramírez Díaz, Dr. Juan Carlos Ruiz Mendoza


Background and objectives: This paper aims at devising creativity developmental activities based on methodology and the Storytelling tool. The topic selected for the study was Archimedes' principle included in the Industrial Chemical Engineering curriculum in Mexican public university, during the 2021 confinement period

Methods: The research was a case study following an inductive and analytical method. For data collection, a self-made rubric was used based on specific creativity criteria. Through structured didactic planning, a series of activities aligned to the STEAM methodology were designed.

Results: The creativity categories of the product made by the students were analyzed and described. All information was triangulated when discussing the results.

Conclusions: It is concluded that there is empirical evidence that suggests that the development of creativity may be stimulated by the proposed set of activities. In addition, this way of learning results innovating.

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