Optimization of rolling parameters for improving Quality Factor of Thermo mechanically treated bar using soft Computing Techniques

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Satish Kumar Sao, Dr. Shiena Shekhar ,Dr. Mukesh Dubey, Dr. Raghwendra Banchhor


The primary responsibility of a design engineer is to include all of the different functionalities that have been defined by the individuals in charge of product planning at a price that is as low as possible. Consequently, in order to create a new product effectively, a product designer has to determine what the inputs are, what the outputs are, and what the ideal functionalities are. For the manufacturing of TMT bars, the important quality parameter is yield strength and ductility. The goal of this study is to choose the optimal variables that will achieve the needed yield strength and ductility. In this research work, the use of the Taguchi Technique in conjunction with the conception of DOE (Design of experiment) for the purpose of optimizing the parameters of the Thermo Mechanical Treatment Process.  In the plant, readings have been taken and by Taguchi Method and by using MINITAB and MATLAB Software to find out optimal combination factors. For optimizing the process parameters ANOVA, S/N ratio (Signal to noise ratio), and orthogonal array have been utilized. Optimum values have been obtained with the help of graphs as well as confirmation experiments.


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