Training, and Development and its Craftsmanship Led to Quality Work Life in the Automobile Industry in Tamil Nadu

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Claudios Fernando , N. Santhosh Kumar


"Training and development are critical for the short- and long-term sustainability of an organisation, not only as a good motivator for employees."

In Tamil Nadu, the automobile industry is the fastest growing industry. It is critical to be focused on developing strategies to increase their profitability as they contribute to our company’s growth. Every organisation in this sector is required to improve its training and development programmes to improve employee’s quality work life. As a result, they must include the most effective technique for developing a training and development programme within their organisation. This will enhance the accuracy of the personnel, which will represent the industry's success. As a result, the focus of this research is on an exploratory investigation of several significant critical reviews highlighting the role of this metric. This study is mainly focusing on a continuous process of developing career objectives and skill sets of key leaders through training and development to plan and improve the quality work life and handling happy work environment in Automobile Industry. This study is exploratory studies about Training and is intended to improve a person's behaviour and performance. It is an ongoing or never-ending process. Because it is an assessment of the whole worth of a learning event, rather than just how far it fulfils its learning goals and objectives, assessment and inspection of training programmes is a crucial activity in every organisation. The goal of training assessment is to determine whether or not training is producing relevant and valued outcomes through competent and well-managed practises. It's a technique for obtaining data in order to make decisions concerning employee training.. As a result, it puts the episode in context and provides knowledge that is critical for future planning and development. Employees in the automobile industry were surveyed about the efficiency of their organization's training programmes.

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