A Qualitative Study on Farmer’s Readiness to Adopt Social Media Networks on Promoting Farm Products.

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Vasumathi Palaniswamy, Dr. R. Krishnaraj


Blogs, microblogs, pages, groups, and other forms of social media are used in agricultural marketing these days.Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms are growing more popular for exchanging information on agricultural products and agricultural marketing. But farmers aren’t using all the social media so this study uses the data mining concept for social media marketing of agricultural products. This study interviews 122 farmers. They are active in social media and also manage social media accounts. By using UGT, the data are collected from farmers. This study has three main objectives, that are, i) identify the factors that drive farmers’ willingness to use social media for marketing agro products, ii) determine the ways by which farmers could market their agro-products by using social media, and iii) improving farmers marketing capabilities with an emphasis on young farmers. Findings indicated that most of the farmers are willing to use social media to increase sales, easily share information, and determine a unique brand. Finally, this study suggests video-based advertisements for increasing sales.

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