Marketing Strategies, Performance and Development It’s Impact on Retailers at Eral Taluk in Thoothukudi District

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Dr. T. Samson Joe Dhinakaran, S. Christoper


In the present-day business environment that is characterized by the increased competition among local and international companies. The emergence of more demanding customers and great technological advances has resulted in a complex market in retail business. Retailer now must adapt to the constant change brought on by the pandemic to create a new marketing strategy moving forward. Every facet of a retail organization should be leveraging advanced marketing analytics software to meet customer’s demand. Retailer should use information about a customer’s likes, needs, and value to provide the most relevant experience to customers. Pricing strategy was realistic and accurate, use of premium pricing on it’s product and price promotions and discounts. The use of marketing strategies resulted in increased sales, number of items sold enhance purchase of product and increase market penetration of retailer outlet.

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