Assessment Of Krishna River Soil Sediment Using Geospatial Technology

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G. Venu Ratna Kumari, Dr. T. Rambabu, Dr. J. Ushakranti, Dr. M. Satish Kum, G. Vijaya Babu


The present study was done by the assessment of soil sediments quality which is carried out in Krishna River, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The soil sediments quality study was assessed during three months. Considerable amount of data was generated between various parameters done by Geographical Information System 10.5 version software. Maps of soil sediments prospects zones are prepared from the toposheets, serves as efficient tools for detailed surface based geological survey. Arc-GIS software is used assess the quality of soil sediments in Krishna River. This assessment will help in order to develop good soil sediments quality region successfully. Environmental changes taking place in the Krishna River soil sediments should be recorded with the help of Geographical Information System and Satellite base map must be used as basic input parameters for Environmental mapping and recording of Krishna River soil sediments environment.

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