Social Media Platforms and Customer Engagement

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Pragya Mondal, Dr. Preeti Mehra


Consumer engagement can alternatively be defined as "interactions that go beyond transactions and may be characterised as a customer's brand or corporate-focused behavioural manifestations beyond purchase". When social media platforms are utilised to foster connections, users' devotion to them leads to engagement. Social media marketing gives channels for engagement, which creates trust, devotion, and goodwill between consumers and businesses, whether they buy the brands' goods or not. The current research on consumer engagement on social media sites does not agree on the ubiquity of its dimensions. This study is an effort to conceptualise the dimensions of customer engagement from the viewpoint of social media marketing and to provide the meaning of obtaining customer engagement via social media platforms, as obvious from practice and theoretical background in existing research, to put forth some relevant principles of using social media marketing to achieve customer engagement.

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