Analysis of laminated springs and design optimization

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Dhaman Bharat, Rupinder Singh, Ravinder Tonk


A typical laminated spring with real-world dimensions and loads is the purpose of this study’s usage of CAD software. In this paper, the front-end laminated spring of TATA-1109 is examined. Jamna Auto Industries offers the laminated spring design. This model has 37 parts and CATIA creates CAD models for leaf springs. It was imported into SOLID WORKS in *STP format for preprocessing. Establishing the contact reign between various leaves, meshing the model, and setting the revolute joint between pin and eye are some of the preprocessing steps. An analysis of the leaf spring's deflection and stresses using SOLID WORKS was performed. The experimental and CAE test results were then compared for validation. In addition, this study covers the creation and examination of a mono steel leaf spring model. The outcome is compared to the FGER single leaf spring result. Also, in this research, CAD models for riveted and cast eyes were built, and their CAE results were compared to the standard eye design.

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