Impact of Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) Practices on Organizational Environment in Academia: A Perspective of Students

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Dr. Ritika Sinha, Sibananda Das, Dr. Syed Shahid Raza, Dr. Priyadarshini B A, Bhargavi Mahadevappa


Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) is gaining in popularity with an emphasis on containing green-house effect in almost every Industry. GHRM systems, practices & procedures play an important role in ensuring that there is much needed ecological balance in the organizational environment. In this study we will understand from the students’ perspective on the current GHRM practices in their institution are effective and if the underlying organizational ecological balance is preserved and motivates them to participate in making their surroundings vibrant and to bring in GHRM practices in every aspect of the academic practice. A questionnaire was used as an instrument to collect data; a sample size of 60 student respondents was taken for the survey. This research is an empirical study to check if there is significant impact of GHRM practices on organizational environment from the Post-graduate students’ perspective, therefore the study will utilize bivariate analysis since we will be deriving inferential statistics that deals with knowing the strength and association between two variables. This study is carried out with a small sample size, cross sectional in nature and empirical research. This study will help the academia to bring in substantial Green HRM practices in the institutions which will enhance the ecological balance and also, provide suggestions to improve the organizational environment in institutions and academia.      

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