An Emotion Intelligence Auto Music Play for Stress Burst Based on Nomogram Model for Quarantine and Self-Isolation People Using Deep Learning in Pandemic

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Dr. I. Manimozhi, Dr. T. K. Sateesh


Emotions are one of the normal habits to talk sentiments and people\'s sentiments can be used in delight and Human Machine Interface (HMI) fields. Information from facial expressions is distributed in specific areas of the face and each of them has distinctive data so that mouth and eyes consist of greater facts than cheek and brow. To develop an emotion recognition system for the cognitive components of automatic thoughts and internal dialogue on the appraisal of stressors through their facial expression. To develop an intelligent device the usage of CNN that may without problems understand the facial expression of the consumer photograph recognition primarily based on deep getting to know models. To segregate and play music automatically based on their emotional intelligence feeling when they are in Quarantine/Isolation /Lonely situations. No program or application can predict the user’s emotion and play musicaccordingly except the manual selection playlist.

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