Implementation Face Recognition Attendance System For Higher Education Institution

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Raenu Kolandaisamy, Alicia Li, Kasthuri Subaramaniam, Abdurrahman Bin Jalil, Indraah Kolandaisamy


Technology is an important component in higher education institutions in the form of enhancing the overall experience of students. Students’ attendances have always been important to the institution and lecturer. The goal of a web-based face recognition attendance system is to make the attendance process more efficient, cost-effective, and error-free for lecturers and students. Currently, many attendance systems are being used in different institutions. Each attendance system has its pros and cons. Currently, the attendance system that is commonly used is the Paper Attendance System, Manual Computer Attendance System, and QR code Attendance System. In this paper, data has been collected through surveys from different institutions to get a variety of feedback. From the survey, students responded that they faced different problems when using different attendance systems. Most respondents also agree that the face recognition system would bring benefit to the institution and willing to give it a try. The information-gathering process also involves review similar systems to know better about the system. The proposed system is developed mainly by using Python, Tkinter for the user interface, Open Source Computer Vision (OpenCV) for the face recognition, and PHPMyAdmin for the database.

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