Prioritization of Kadalundi River Basin Based on Hydrological Stress Using Geoinformatics

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Bindu K. B.


On the earth, hydrological stress is a very common phenomenon which is related to water resource degradation, climate change, deforestation etc. The unequal rainfall distribution, unequal presence of ground water, unequal spatial distribution of water resources, changing land use activities are some major factors leading to hydrological stress in any region. The knowledge of hydrological stress is very essential in order to implement any water resource management and conservation. The present study is focused on the Kadalundi river basin, a medium river basin in Kerala which is less influenced by man induced activities. An attempt was made to bring out the level of hydrological stress in the sixth order Kadalundi river basin at sub basin level. The derived result highlights the fact that even in a environmentally healthy river basin some areas are under hydrological stress which are to be prioritized for better watershed based management and planning purpose. This study can be best utilized as a reference research work for any future hydrological planning and management work.

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