Human Abnormal Behavior Detection Using Convolution Neural Network

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Md. Ashiqussalehin, Dr. Khan Nasrin Jahan, Md. Atikqur Rahaman, Md. Shahidul Salim


When a behavior is regarded as unusual in particular circumstances, it is termed abnormal. The term "abnormal behavior" has many definitions depending on the situation. People sprinting in a field, for example, is regarded natural, but it appears weird if it occurs in a mall. Similarly, loitering in alleyways, arguing, or pushing each other in public places are all regarded weird in certain situations. Deep learning has been widely used in the computer vision sector in recent years, with considerable success in human activity recognition. The proposed technique helps in the detection of abnormal behavior under a variety of contexts, including background changes, the number of subjects (one, two people, or a crowd), and a variety of unusual human behaviors.

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