Recognition of Indian Signed Language using Images of Hand Gestures

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Shanthi M. B., Nitish Hegde, Omkar Patra, Meera Krishna P.


Sign language predominantly uses hand gestures for nonverbal communication modalities. People with speech or hearing disabilities use them to communicate with others. Many companies have developed several different sign language system, but they are not flexible to adopt to various requirements or they are expensive for the user. In this paper we propose a prototype system to automatically recognise sign language in order to help people with speech or hearing disabilities toeffectivelycommunicate with others.

Gesture recognition and more generally pattern recognition are two fields of study that are still in their early stages of development. We humans tend to use hand gestures for nonverbalcommunication in our day to day life. The Hand Gesture Recognition System offers auser friendly, natural and innovative way of communicating with computers. The system we propose is based on a real-time application for hand gesture recognition that candetect features based on shapes like figure status like folded or raised fingers, folded fingers, centre of mass, orientation and centroid, basedon on the shape of a human hand, which has a thumb and four fingers.

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