STABILITY IN RAPID MAXILLARY EXPANSION: A Systematic Review Of Randomised Controlled Trials

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Dr Deepak Chandrasekharan, Dr Dhivya Dilip Kumar, Dr Deena dayalan Purushothaman, Dr Akshay Tandon, Dr Nidhi Angrish , Dr Krithika A , Dr Katepogu Praveen


Maxillary transverse deficiency is one of the most prevalent problems that is commonly encountered, Upto almost 23.3% in deciduous dentition group1. As growth first gets completed in the transverse plane, it is very important to diagnose it and treat it as early as possible.

According to Harrison and Ashby(2001)2 concluded that the trails before 1999 were insufficient and non-conclusive as they were only quantitative. Hence in this article, the RCT’s from 2000 will be reviewed.

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