A Review of E- Training and Development Practices Implemented by Government for Healthcare Sector and their Impact during COVID 19 (With Special Reference to Uttrakhand)

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Sheela Bijlwan, Dr. V. P. Srivastava


The sudden outbreak of Corona virus disease popularly known as Covid 19 has drastic impact on all over the world. It especially shattered the whole healthcare sector. As on June 2022 the world health organisation reported 6320599 Corona virus deaths since the epidemic began.

The whole world faces the covid crisis as the most dangerous and unfortunate after the World War II.

As the study focuses the Uttrakhand state and we all know the geographical and climatic conditions of this state. More than  70% of the state is hill and the extreme climatic condition even makes the health sector more prone to shattered. The study analysed state Covid 19 data, taken from an authenticated Uttrakhand government sites. Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship and National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC) ,supported by healthcare sector skill,council,have designed various courses as part of the Covid   response program which support the  adequate number of healthcare provider in the country.

The Covid 19 not only brought the serious challenge to the government but also opened the eyes of every policy maker and business organisation to rethink about the skills, abilities and knowledge of their workforce to tackle such kind of unforeseen situations.

To cope with manpower shortage in hospitals which is always prevailing in Uttrakhand state but Covid 19 makes it more vulnerable and make the whole Indian government to think on such kinds of training programmes which help the citizens to overcome from this situations.

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