Digitalisation of Health Communication: History and Current Scenario

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Ms. Saima Pervez, Dr. Piyashi Dutta, Dr. Tasha Singh Parihar


Health communication is evolving with every passing hour, so are the channels of communication. It is a budding field encompassing ‘advancing digital media’. It can be envisioned as a land mine of gold which is yet to be explored. It has emerged as an effervescent and imperative field of study outlining the impact of roles played by human communication as well as digital communication in the arena of health care and health promotion. It is a vital area of research because it investigates the role different channels of communication play through different mediums. With the aim to create behavioural changes in respect to health promotion and health care and improve reach and accessibility. Such communication is inquiry based which begins with identification of the problem, examining the problem and helping in enhancing the quality of the approach towards dealing with the problem. This is an embryonic field involving analysis of various models and techniques of communication particularly digital mediums of communication. It is an interdisciplinary forte involving multiple disciplines that work in close association to bring about a change in the health domain. This paper is a secondary research paper tracing the roots of evolution of digitalisation of health communication. Highlighting the role of digital media in promoting health communication in India. Paper further talks about digitalisation of health communication from where it started, where we stand today and what the future looks like.

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