Emerging Transformation of EdTech during COVID 19: An Analysis of Issues and Challenges of University Students in Chennai

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R. Bargavi, Dr. Kavithashanmugam


Education technology refers to innovative ways of managing classroom instruction. Technology-based educational tools include tablets, interactive outcrop screens, whiteboards, online fulfillment, and MOOCs. However, the current crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the interactthe world to confide in it for online learning.To understand university students' perceptions, evaluate their experiences, recognize their barriers and challenges related to Ed Tech during the COVID-19 pandemic, and analyze factors that influence Ed-tech adoption and usage in higher education. Google Forms questionnaires were distributed to students of the university in Chennai. The researcher prepared the PercentageAnalysis, Mean and Standard DeviationAnalysis, and Chi-squareAnalysis; This study highlights the challenges and factors influencing the acceptance, and use of Ed Tech as a tool for teaching within higher education.

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