Self Confesssion Breaks the Unheard Scream of Frustration in Jaishree Misra’s A Scandalous Secret : A Study

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Selvam Manohari Singaram, Dr. R. Sankari


Jaishree Misra had earned a special status of being a successful Indian writer, through her thought provoking writing style. She uses her work as an intermediate to break the dominant ideologies that suppress women even in this contemporary society, though women today are educated and independent, still there are some hurdles that stagnate the growth of a women to transform into an individual being. Misra’s work pinpoints the facts that if men when commits mistakes are given a second chance to rectify it, but if it comes to an women she is being viewed as a stigma and sin. Misra wants to break such a bias state being prevailing in the society and she wants women to be a self identified being rather than being passive and inferior. The present study focuses on the aspect of how women are being easily victimized by the cruel injustice enforced by men and it depicts how the major protagonist Neha Chaturvedi  becomes a voiceless victim and made an easy prey in order to satisfy the sexual urge of the victimizer, though life provides her with second opportunity she leads a hopeless life as she is infused with an untold secret of her past life within her, which creates a deep intense wound and at last she takes a toughest decision to confess her untold secret in order to break the inner pangs of frustration which had resulted her into a fragmented being. The study further focuses on how a women being inferior later recognizes her worth as a individually identified being.

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