Investigating the Impact of a Product’s Video Review on Consumer Behaviour

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Vignesh P., Dr. T. Sarathy


Background:Social media influencers have emerged as a promising factor in influencing a consumer's purchasing behaviour. As a result, to benefit from influencer marketing, it is required to investigate the field.This study focuses solely on the impact of a social influencer's product review video on a customer's purchasing decision.

Objectives: The primary objective of the study is to determine the relationship between product review video and customer buying behaviour after watching the review. The secondary objectives are to find what factors they consider while taking buying decision from the video review.

Methods:Convenience sampling technique is adopted for the study because the population is diversified, the questionnaire was framed with mixed type of questions. The data collected by questionnaire are examined for results by using SPSS software.

Results:The primary objective of the study is proved from the correlation table that video review given by Social influencer with clear demonstration of a product influences the consumer while making a purchase decision. The secondary objectives are understandable from the frequency table the factors which the consumer expects from a product review video are demonstration, handling, components, and appearance of a product respectively.

Conclusions: The digital reliability is increasingly found in the present years; moreover, the upcoming generation is much familiar to the digital marketing. The reach of digital marketing is remarkable that nowadays we always check for online price and advertisement of the related product.

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