The Use of YouTube in Teaching English Drama the Case of College and Arts, NBU University (Case Study)

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Roseline Jesudas, Udhya Sajeevlal


Using different technological aids in language teaching is a common idea but in literary course teaching the use of YouTube is a comparatively rarely explored area, particularly in the Saudi context. It offers the necessary competencies for an understanding and interpretation of language. Always students focus on their examinations and grades rather than understanding the subject content. Actually, the intention of teaching and learning at times is imbalanced, because of teaching methods and materials. Thus, the qualitative and quantitative analyseswere performed in the Department of Languages and Translation, College of Education and Arts, Northern Border University, Arar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to explore the use of YouTube as a tool to enhance the students’ motivation,literary and language skills. In this study, 70 female students from 2 different semesters (first &second semester 2020-2021) were identified as participantsto know the effectiveness of using YouTube in classroom teaching. Before the commencement of every unit test, the researcher received feedback from the students to know about the effectiveness of the YouTube program by using a semi-structured feedback questionnaire which comprised 10 questions based on Drama comprehension. The present study aims at investigating the effectiveness of the YouTube method of teaching English Drama on students’ achievement.The results of the research showed that students wrote positive comments regarding the use of YouTube in a literature course, and use this learning tool effectively. This study recommends the use of YouTube as a supplementary source for not only Drama in all literature courses teaching.


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