A Study Of Emotional Intelligence Impact On Employee Performnace Among It Employees

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S. Mohan, Dr V. Nithyananthan


The main objective of this study is to investigate the main factors affecting the emotional intelligence on employee performance of the employees in the IT employees. A survey was conducted in the city of Chennai on a sample of 30 employee’s from a private organization. The survey research was employed using the structured questionnaire as the data collection instrument. Five factors of emotional intelligence, namely self-awareness,self-control,self-motivation,Empathy and Social skills consisting of 21-items which might influence the emotional intelligence on employee performance have been developed. Data was analyzed using reliability analysis and correlation test. The result have shown that there is positive and significant relationship between self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, Empathy and Social skills. The result also reveal that self-control as factor influencing the emotional intelligence on employee performance is more influenced within IT employees. However, Emotional intelligence and employees performance is highly related to each other.

It is recommends that training and development of teamwork in the organization which involves emotional intelligence and therefore improves employee performance.

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