Employee Motivation And Tenure In The Job- Are They Related? A Comparison Study Between Academic Sector And IT Industry In India.

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Dr. Aditi Banerjee, Dr. Jyoti Singhal, Dr. Sonia Gupta


The major challenge in recent time, more or less in all the sectors is acquiring and retaining talent. Professional employees are found to be always on the move today for better and better opportunities. So, loyalty and commitment seem to have taken a backseat, not appreciated much either at the individual or at the organizational level. In the present paper, an attempt has been made to find out whether the employees’ intent to leave the organization depends on their levels of motivational force as measured in line with Vroom’s (1964) expectancy theory. In addition, another effort has been made to explore if there is any difference lies between the findings in comparison between two different sectors. The sample of the present study are the employees (n = 155) working in the Information Technology Sectors and employees (n=157) working in Academic Sectors (Technical) in different cities in India. The available data seem to indicate that there exists a significant positive relationship between employees’ level of motivational force and their tenure in the job. These may be considered while deciding a strategy for retaining employees in an organization.

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