Improving Cadets’ Maritime English through Flipped Classroom Model-based E-Module

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Rizka Maulia Adnansyah*, Mukhaiyar, Darmansyah


Purpose: The purpose of this research is to find out the effect of applying flipped classroom model by giving an e-module on the students’ mastery of Maritime English and the students’ responses toward the implementation of flipped classroom model at POLTEKPEL SUMBAR.

Methods: The participants of this study are two classes of cadets in a nautical program in the first year.  To collect the data, the researcher used tests and interviews. Then, the data were analyzed by using statistical analysis and qualitative analysis.

Results: The result of the data analysis proves that the cadets improved their listening, reading, writing, and vocabulary scores after they learned by using flipped classroom model-based e-module. Furthermore, the interview result shows that the cadets gave positive responses to the implementation of flipped classroom-based e-module at POLTEKPEL SUMBAR.

Conclusions: The cadets agreed that flipped classroom model-based e-module fostered their learning autonomy and improved their Maritime English ability.

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