The Rules of Interpretation according to Sayyid Al-Khoei’s Concept

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Ateed Kamel Saleh, Ammar Hikmat Farhan


The researcher believes: that taking the hadith of Ahl al-Bayt with the conditions of authentic transmission, is just like taking from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allahbe upon him and his family). Al-Basiqah and we have mentioned the sayings of Sayyid Al-Khoei, byreferring that  “The reader will findin my interpretationthat  I do not deviate from the apparent meanings of the Book and its rulings,  and what is provenby the infallible Imams  / the offspring of the Messenger ( Allah bless upon him). They are those whom Allah Almighty, singled out with a purification. If the school of the Companions is described as the branch of prophecy, then Ahl al-Bayt is its lush tree.

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