A Study on Teenagers and Parents Perception towards Teenage Clothing Brands

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Shivkumar Belli


The fashion industry is an ever-evolving industry whether we take trends, fits, colors, techniques, or sustainability into consideration. It is of utmost importance for international fast fashion and premium brands to keep a regular tap on competitive brands with regard to the price points offered both at the category and sub-category level.  This study is an attempt to explore the consumer perception towards teenage clothing brands in India.  The study adopted a consumer survey technique to explore the insights into the perceptions of towards teenage clothing brands, and adopted a market study to compare the major available brands in teenage category. The study found that the most preferred brands by the consumers in the teenage category, style options preferred and price points.  This study fills the gap in the extant literature in terms of bringing out insights about a specific category of apparel brands (i.e., clothing brands for teenagers).

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