A Summative review of current trend and adaptation in HRM practices within business organisations in India and Thailand

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Sarawut Pathomphatthaphan, Dr. Simanchala Das, Dr. Keytapark Virat


Human Resource Management (HRM) practices are not only a strategic intervention, but they shape the organizational outcome and workforce as well. In order to tackle the growing business competitions, developing business economies like Indian and Thai multinational companies (MNCs) and other domestic organizations have adopted diverse HR strategies. The main aim of the present paper is to present a summative review of the current trends of HRM practices, which links the fundamental elements of HRM, in Indian and Thai MNCs and other domestic private firms. Besides, the emerging trends in HRM practices in MNCs and other domestic companies from these developing economies were also examined in terms of theoretical background, research designs, and the mediating relationships between these practices and the outcomes. The research gaps in this domain were identified and suggestions to strengthen the future research directives were listed. Our findings suggest that the synergies between the fundamental elements of HRM and HRM practices are related to outcomes.However, an investigation involving cross-country comparison is still lacking. Hence, this review will add to the existing knowledge of HRM practices that will be helpful from managerial and academic perspectives, thereby contributing to future research.

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