Outrush Current Mitigation Using Iron Core Reactor

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Vishal V. Vashikar, Dr. S. Prakash


It is now a challenge for the industry to run its plant effectively and economically. The reactive power compensation is one of the essential parts of the industrial sector to run their plant at a low cost. The iron-core reactors are one of the solutions to meet reactive power demand. The industrial sector is fast-growing, and automation has been introduced to obtain effective mass production from the plant. The introduction of automation and electric drives causes the nonlinear behavior of the power system. As a result of this, the electricity bill of the plant increases. Renewable energy sources are tremendously used in the power sector to meet the electricity demand day by day, and it is difficult to maintain a healthy power system. The capacitor banks are used to compensate for reactive power demand. These banks operate automatically To overcome the reactive power issues. The switching of the bank produces a current disturbance in the system and may cause the burning of the insulation or system malfunction. This paper introduces the iron-core reactor, which reduces the magnitude of inrush current and protects the end user's power electronics devices or capacitor bank. This paper presents the design of the iron-core reactor and suppression of inrush current using MATLAB simulation.


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