How ICT Colossally Influenced the Education System

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Dr Nandita Tripathi, Chandreswar Prasad


Currently, information and communication technology (ICT) impact every element of human existence. They are prominent in the workplace, business, education, and entertainment. Furthermore, many individuals see ICTs as change agents, bringing about changes in working circumstances, information management and exchange, instructional techniques, learning approaches, scientific research, and access to information and communication technology. In this digital age, using ICT in the classroom is critical for providing students with the opportunity to acquire and apply the necessary 21st-century skills. Furthermore, ICT helps teaching and learning, and its value for teachers in their position as designers of instructional settings cannot be overstated. ICT enables a teacher to communicate his lessons in an appealing and easy-to-understand manner to students at all educational programs. Today, teaching training programs in India are making ICT relevant and attractive. ICTs, as illustrated by the Internet and interactive multimedia, are a key emphasis for future education and must be successfully integrated into formal teaching and learning - particularly in a teacher education institution.

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