Evaluating The Service Quality of Vocational Education In Kerala Using SERVQUAL

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Parvathi J Raj, Ammu Suresh, Durgalashmi C. V, Kala V. Krishnan


This research is based on a review of the quality and effectiveness of vocational education in Kerala. This study analyzes the satisfaction of students with their experiences in vocational institutions in Kerala using a Student Satisfaction Survey on the bases of the SERVQUAL methodology. SERVQUAL is a five-dimensional model which measures service quality using the five service factors: tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy. This study will help with the planning process and reasoning for future improvements to the offers of vocational training institutions. A questionnaire based on a five-point Likert scale that covers several aspects of service has been devised, piloted, and then sent to students at various vocational institutes inĀ  Kollam district, Kerala. Student inputs are evaluated using the concept of the weighted average. The survey findings provided significant information regarding perceived service gaps and other inputs to develop strategic planning and decision-making at vocational institutes and assist in the program quality improvement and student services.

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