Removal of Methylene Blue in Water Through Different Membranes

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Phyo Phyo San, Suntorn Sangsong, Nuttaporn Pimpha, Peerakarn Banjerdkij


Textile industries emit contaminated waste water (dyes) to the environment. Elimination of dye (methylene blue (MB)) in an aqueous solution over the uncoated, and coated membrane (media) with three layers, two layers of titanium dioxide (TiO2), and one layer of natural clay was investigated. The solutions of TiO2 and natural clay were coated on the media through the dip-coating method. In addition, the filtration performance of the clay media was assessed using cross flow filtration of Methylene blue solutions containing 50 ppm under 3 bar pressure. Total Dissolved solids (TDS) can’t remove by using uncoated and TiO2 coated media since the concentration of TDS after filtration was less than that of the initial but 28% of TDS can remove by one layer of clay coated media. 67% of MB color can eliminate by two layers of TiO2 coated media, as well as 97% of MB, can eliminate by clay coated media at the maximum wavelength of 665 nm. The media permeability of uncoated media is 1843 L/m2h, two layers of TiO2 coated media is 389 L/m2h, two layers of TiO2 coated media is 223 L/m2h, and one layer of clay coated media is 1.6 L/m2h separately at TMP 3 Bar.

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