The Role of the 51 UAV Air Squadron in Maintaining Land Border Security between Indonesia and Malaysia in West Kalimantan Province

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Muhammad Nurdi Iriansyah, R. Widya Setiabudi Sumadinata, Wawan Budi Darmawan, Yusa Djuyandi


The size of Indonesia's territory poses challenges related to border security. There are still many land border points between Indonesia and Malaysia on the island of Borneo that have not been agreed upon, as well as the specific topography of the area, which requires a new pattern of border control, compared to using the traditional pattern. This study elaborates on how a new pattern in border security uses UAV's, the strength of the 51st Air Squadron. The study was conducted using qualitative methods and selecting informants with purposive sampling techniques and data processing using the NVivo 12 Plus application. The results showed that the use of UAV's in border security was not optimal. From all research dimensions, the Country and Collaboration dimensions show a pattern that is not yet in accordance with the needs, indicating that the use of UAV's in border security must start from the policies and management organizations.

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