Political Ecology Perspective of Natural Resource Management Policy: Study of Geothermal in Kamojang, Indonesia

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Arif Fajarudin, Oekan Soekotjo Abdoellah, Yusa Djuyandi, R. Widya Setiabudi Sumadinata


Kamojang geothermal energy source is a source of thermal energy the first earth researched in Indonesia. This study aims to examine the production of law as a political instrument of the government environment and analyze it in the perspective of political ecology. The research design used was qualitative descriptive using a political ecology methodological approach. The results show that the analysis of the interests and influence of actors with a political ecology approach shows that Pertamina Geothermal Energy, West Java’s Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA), state-owned forestry enterprise, Central Government and West Java Provincial Government have a great interest and influence in the management of geothermal energy. So that the Central Government and West Java Province are expected to be able to implement the latest geothermal regulations by encouraging small-scale geothermal management, supervising the implementation of geothermal management, licensing certainty, production bonuses, establishing geothermal research and development centers.

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