Sexual Attitudes, Appraisal of Sexual Topics, and Sexuality Education: The Views of Secondary Schools Teachers in Hong Kong

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Hoi Nga Ng, Kam Weng Boey, Chi Wai Kwan, Hing Kwan To


Teachers’ sexual attitudes and views on sexuality education were important determinants of the efficacy of school-based sexuality education (SBSE).  This study assessed teachers’ sexual attitudes, feelings and knowledge of sexual topics as well as their attitudes towards SBSE. A total of 98 teachers (mean age = 35.8, SD = 8.1; 40% were males) from two secondary schools were recruited via convenience sampling.  Results of data analysis showed that teachers hold conservative sexual attitudes.  Inconsistent with past research, conservative sexual attitude was associated with positive attitudes towards SBSE.  Teachers felt comfortable and knowledgeable in teaching various sexual topics and showed positive attitudes towards SBSE.  They also considered teaching various topics of sexuality important in sexuality education.  The findings implicated that teachers’ sexual attitudes and their positive attitudes provided a fertile ground for the implementation of SBSE

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