The Impact of Covid-19 On Skill Development Institutions in The State of Kerala: A Qualitative Study

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Kala V Krishnan, Athira S Kumar, Abirami K


Objective: To analyse the economic and social challenges faced by the skill development institutions in the state of Kerala due to COVID-19.

Methods: Participants in this qualitative research were owners of skill development institutions in the state of Kerala. We conducted a semi-structured interview in which they discussed their personal experiences with COVID-19 as well as the challenges they faced due to COVID-19. On the qualitative data, thematic analysis was performed.

Results: 10 skill development institutional owners participated. The qualitative analysis yielded two shared themes: economic challenges faced due to COVID-19 and the social challenges faced. Sub-themes were also developed based on the shared themes.

Conclusion: skill development institutions in Kerala have faced economic and social challenges as a result of COVID-19.

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