The Impacts of Technology on The Human Rights of Linguistic Minorities

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Sanaz Shabani, Niki Jabbari


As we know nowadays technology is an indispensable part of our daily life and we see that it can change everything on a small or large scale. There is a considerable point about technology which could have both destructive and constructive effects on things, especially it is important to be aware of its quality concerning more critical things like sensitive groups.

One of the sensitive groups in our world who need special care is the linguistic minority. Linguistic minorities in different societies may face several issues. There are many common obstacles that almost all linguistic minorities, in every society, may face. Many linguistic minorities are deprived of the enjoyment of fundamental rights including limitations in the use of minority language in education, media, place names and public signs, public administration, and judicial fields. The actual and potential effects of technology on the linguistic minorities’ human rights is a crucial issue. In this article, we analyze the matter of how technology usage could have an impact on the different rights of linguistic minorities.


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