An Empirical Analysis of Work Life Balance of Women Employee with Reference to Teaching Faculty

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D. Bhuvaneswari, Dr P. Thirumoorthi


Background: Understanding a work life balance in the current scenario is very promising. The career progression of women out there is not well planned and sketched, more responsibilities on her shoulder makes her miserable. Personal and professional balance can do wonders when followed, there requires a proper support & coordination for the implementation of the same.

Objective: This article attempts to investigate the work life balance conditions of women in teaching field, various demographics are compared and statistically analyzed to frame conclusions.

Methods: The original study data was obtained from 202 teachers who worked in public and private schools, colleges, universities, and professional courses.

Results and Conclusion: According to the findings of the study, Teachers experience more work-life balance issues, and there is a need to establish WLB policies and programmes for the teaching community to enable them to balance their work and personal demands.

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