Impact of Supply Chain Management (SCM) in Bangladesh Textile-Clothing Industry: Comprehending the Role of Sourcing

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A.K.M. Shafiqur Rahman, Dr. Valliappan Raju


The “research's major objective is to look at the supply chain management of sourcing in Bangladesh's textile and garment sectors. The demand and supply sides of Bangladesh's textile-clothing sector have been used as a backdrop for future study. Demand forecasting, product design and development, order management with distribution, and bilateral relationships have all been explored on the demand side, while supply side components such as raw materials procurement, cutting-making-trimming (CMT), and delivery have all been discovered. Fiber, yarn, fabric, dyeing, printing, finishing, and accessories are presented as backward links in this study. Forward links include transportation and communication, public services, and port services, among other things. In reality, Bangladesh is doing quite well in terms of contract-based apparel supply, but the demand side has to be increased as well. To assist the demand side move from assembly to whole package manufacturing, company owners and government must devote greater attention.”


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