Lexical orientation in the proverbs contained in the Shihab footnote to explain the oval

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Sajida Turki Idan, Dr. Mahmood Sulaiman Aliwe


Thank God, the Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace on the ring of the prophet Muhammad and on all his family and companions, and after.. this research in the study of the lexical orientation of the proverbs in the footnote of Shihab on the interpretation of the Oval, called "The care of the judge and the adequacy of the satisfied", includes the study of the lexical connotations of these proverbs.

Talkingabout the Arab dictionary means talking about the memory of Arab thought, which is important in all its effects and exploits, and  the pros and cons, progress and delay, and tradition and development, which is talk about a historical  document that was able to absorb all this over successive periods of time, aware, complementary, and disabled, expressing the various aspects of public and private life among Arabs, simple and simple  And complex in all its educational, scientific, cultural and cultural aspects, which arecharacterized by the flexibility and voluntariness of the Arabic language, becauseit absorbs the thought of the Lord with all its events, transformations and issues, and also attests to the distinction of the Integrated Arab Dictionary from (general, specialist, historical) the Arab lexicon when it began in the middle of the first century HIJ or late 7th century AD Based on the strange qur'an and hadith, it had its purpose and foundations for interpreting the strange Qur'an, interpreting the strange hadith, and interpreting the strange poetry and languageas a whole.  The dictionary comes in the language: from several topics of various weights and sources, the act (Ajm, Jamam, Ajma) is described by the one who does not speak in a eloquent language.[1])

([1])  Seen: The Tongue of the Arabs: Mohammed bin Makram bin Ali Abu Fadl Jamal al-Din, son of The Perspective of Ansari Al , Ruweifai African, Investigation of Abdullah Ali al-Kabir, Mohammed Ahmed Hasaballah, Hashim Mohammed Al-Shazly, DaT Knowledge Cairo, Article (A.J.M.)12/386, seen: Contemporary Arabic Dictionary: Dr. Ahmed Mukhtar Abdul Hamid Omar (T1424H), with the help of a team, The World of Books, i/1, 1429 Ah - 2008 A.D., 2/1462.

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