Moderated Mediating Model of Growth Mindset in the Relationship between Self-Esteem, Gratitude and Career Decision Self-Efficacy

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Kyoung Ohk Park, Eun Hye Go, Chang Seek Lee


Background: Career decision self-efficacy is very important when adolescents choose career or set goals and perform career-related actions. Even if the youth have decided on their career path in the high school scene, their confidence, anxiety level, and external conflict are high, so various efforts are needed. In particular, among the recently emerging career-related variables, there are insufficient studies to promote career decision-making by using the gratitude or growth mindset. In addition, studies that apply these research results to special adolescents are still lacking.

Objectives: This study investigated the moderated mediating effect of growth mindset in the relationship between self-esteem and career decision self-efficacy through gratitude for high school students in Korea and aimed to provide basic data that can promote career decision self-efficacy.

Methods: The subject of the study was selected by using purposive sampling method, and for the survey for data collection, 300 questionnaires were distributed to high school students attending three high schools in H and Y districts in Chungcheongnam-do in Korea, and 242 copies were collected. For data analysis, SPSS PC+ ver. 25.0 and SPSS PROCESS macro 4.0 were used, and frequency analysis, reliability analysis, correlation analysis, and moderated mediating effect analysis were performed.

Results: The research results are as follows. First, as a result of the correlation analysis between major variables, self-esteem had a significant positive correlation with gratitude, growth mindset, and career decision self-efficacy. Second, as a result of analyzing the moderated mediating effect of the growth mindset, the growth mindset moderated the path of self-esteem, gratitude, and career decision self-efficacy.

Conclusions: This study confirmed that high school students' self-esteem can improve their career decision self-efficacy by using gratitude disposition and growth mindset.

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