Cost Efficient Communication Laboratory: A Teaching Aid

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Sagar B. Shinde, Suchitra A. Khoje, Sandeep U. Kadam, Rupesh Patil, Chaitali Shewale


Information and Communication Technology has led to many recent developments which can be embedded in various designs of engineering laboratories, the idea of virtual laboratory is one of them. Laboratories being the soul of Engineering disciplines put a greater impact on the overall learning experience in the education system. Virtual Laboratories can be cost efficient as these keep capabilities to replace the high-cost hardware device. In this paper we proposed a scheme to implement some of the modulation techniques from the Digital communication namely BPSK, QPSK, QAM and MSK on the FPGA board using MATLAB/ Simulink inbuilt System Generator environment and Xilinx ISE 14.2. This paper verifies that the desired system proposed can be implemented on FPGA and the students will be able to develop concrete understanding of subject in simplified manner. Also, this project can be readily extended to other Engineeringsubjects.

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